Cougar One

Our 34ft ‘wide bodied, twin hull’ Cougar Cat ‘Cougar One’ is the perfect boat to be a passenger on; When speeding off toward the Horizon; On the way to one of the many plentiful reefs off the coast of Noosa.

With our huge 300hp Suzuki Outboards on the back you will be ensured of maximum fishing time! We are the fastest fishing vessel available out of Noosa and this means that our customers enjoy ample time with ‘rods in hands’! 

The cougar design for catamarans with its distinctive fine entry & deadrise hull, scalloped bow, rounded underwing and centre wavebreak provide much more superior performance and stability to conventional mono hull vessells. 

Cougar Catamarans is recognised worldwide as a leader in catamaran design, having produced boats since 1969.