Jan 2011

Spanish Mackeral Jan 2011

Cobia, Black King Fish

Still looking like a dismal Summer for QLD;

The fishing has not been extremely productive (when we have had a break in the weather to get out).

Our old friend, who graced our decks a plenty last summer, Mahi Mahi, has been a little shy of everyones hooks this year. With the predominant species reeled in being Spanish Mackeral.

The reef species are still being caught with some nice frying pan sized catch to take home.

Some of the species caught this month:

Snapper, Pearl Perch Scarlet Sea Perch and Moses Perch, Trevally, Cobia, Spanish Mackeral and Stripey Mackeral, Mahi Mahi, Amber Jack, Red Emperor, Teraglin Jew Fish, Sweet Lip, Spangled Emperor, Red Throat Emperor, Gold band Snapper, Hussar, Gold Spot Wrasse.

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