May 2011

Early in the month the conditions were a little ugly. North Reef was still producing.

By mid month we were doing a few trips to ‘The Banks’ and coming across some great catch!

The month just kept getting better and we managed to bag quite a variety of fish with plenty of Pelaigics still ablout as well as some quality Reef species!

There were quite a few memorable catches this month with a couple of Yellowtail Kigfish (up to 12kg), and some good size (as pictured, 12kg) Spanish Mackerel about!

Some of the species caught this month: Spanish Mackerel, Squire, Moses Perch, Venus Tusk fish, Morwong, Scarlet Sea Perch, Cobia, Snapper, Maori Cod, Pearl Perch, Sweet Lip, Hussar, Amber Jack, Red Emperor, Yellow Tail Kingfish and Coral Trout!


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