Whale Watching


Whale Watching

with Noosa Bluewater Charters!

Our operation will be offering seasonal Whale Watching Tours heading out of Noosa in the Sunshine Coast.

While gently passing the world renowned Noosa National Park and out into Laguna Bay, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the view! Your needs will be catered for with plenty of drinks and snacks on board. 

Our boat is equipped with an on board toilet for your convenience. Whale Watching charters are operated within tide variables and generally run for 3 hours daily. 

Every year thousands of whales migrate past our pristine shores on their way to Hervey Bay and beyond… Where they give birth and mate in the warm tropical waters off the coast.

We have the honour of witnessing daily sightings of these beautiful majestic creatures from May to November every year here in Noosa!

The later months bring sightings of mothers and their Calves playing and taking it a little easier on their way home.

The whales are a portion of the ever growing Migratory species coming to the tropical waters from the feeding grounds in the Antarctic. Some whales migrate past the Western coast of Australia and even out to the waters around Fiji. We are lucky to have a portion of them come right past our shores!